I’ve always loved hockey and it’s mostly because of the fights.

This always comes as a surprise to most folks who know me best as a dress-loving, makeup-on girly-girl. A coworker once was in such disbelief that I was going camping, she asked if I knew I shouldn’t wear heels in the mountains.

(Side note: You can both embrace your femininity and a little tent-pitching excursion. But, she was right, the latter is not best done in heels.)

I pinpoint my hockey fascination to hours spent at high school games. My closest girlfriends both had boyfriends on the varsity squad and Friday nights often found us huddled close together in the stands, hot chocolate in hands. My boyfriend was the water boy, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, it seems I’ve finally convinced the male members of my family that I actually know one or two things about the game and they let me tag along to a Providence Bruins game.

The Providence Bruins—the American Hockey League affiliate of the Boston Bruins—play their home games at the city’s Dunkin’ Donuts Center (how much more New England could you get?), an indoor arena that can host over 11,000 fans for ice hockey games.

Providence has hosted minor league hockey since 1992, after infamous then-mayor Buddy Cianci (RIP, Buddy) who—on top of everything else great he did for the city—made it happen by moving the Maine Mariners franchise here.

Win or lose, the game is a guaranteed good time. At our recent outing, they won and there were a few good fights, too!

As is my family’s tradition, we pre-gamed at Trinity Brewhouse and enjoyed a few local beers and some great pub food. Tip: This downcity hot spot is packed on game days so reservations are a good idea.



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