A couple summers back, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing my youngest brother Patrick, above in this super cute pic of us, perform before a couple thousand folks at Waterplace Park during local station WBRU 95.5‘s summer concert series put on each year in cooperation with the city of Providence’s Department of Art, Culture & Tourism.

It was his first time performing before a crowd of this size. He was subbing in on guitar for Boston, Mass.-based Satellites Fall and he was both super nervous and super excited.

I was a little bit of both, too-how could a big sister not be a bit nervous here-but I was much more in awe of the atmosphere. So many had gathered on a warm Friday evening, a perfect summer-in-the-city night, and their energy was ah-mazing.

It also helped that because I was “with the band,” that I got to behind the ropes and really take in the view of the crowd that my brother and the band was getting. If I had any musical talent whatsoever, I would definitely have been tempted to try to join a band after this experience. To have all those people cheering for you? Wowsah.

But because my talents lie elsewhere, I was more than happy to be an active participant. I cheered and jumped with more energy than I thought I had (a hazard of being no longer 20-something at the end of the work week is sometimes a lack of it) and when the show was over, I enjoyed a nice stroll along the river walk.

The 2017 series calendar hasn’t been released yet, but check out the above link to stay tuned for updates. My guess is that it will be rockin’ once again.

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